An Orange Revolution in Washington State?
The Orange Revolution in Ukraine is a success so far. Yushchenko survived a bungled assasination attempt, lost an election, supported a recount, got a revote and won. Good for him and good for the anti-corruption forces in Ukraine. Putin tried to force the election to his sycophant, it didn't work.

Now we have a similar problem in washington state. Democrats and Republicans are in a struggle over less than 500 votes and there is a movement underway to pull a "re-vote" to make a final determination. Those forces mostly in favor of the "re-vote" believe that the Democrats "stole" the election in a time honored way, they "found" more votes when the chips (chads?) were down. They have even adopted the "Orange" of the Ukraine's Orange Revolution as a style.

Folks, this would be an unmitigated disaster. This country has a long history of election procedures and constitutional safeguards built in. You cannot say the same for Ukraine (but I hope they develop one). Let's go back to the election of 2000 or 1960 and see what a "re-vote" would have done? In 60, without the cheating in Chicago, Nixon (shudder) would have come into office 8 years earlier with who knows what consequences (including the possibility, I admit of good consequences). In 2000, a change of the winner might have produced a Gore as Commander In Chief ("I'd like to take on those damned Taliban fellows, but I can't find any legal controlling authority.") following 9/11. - - Ok, Ok, so that is a wee bit of hyperbole - - You get my point!

Messing with the way elections and politics are done is a good way to invoke the laws of unintended consequences - Think folks, no single election in These United States is worth tampering with a "re-vote" monster. Not if you are a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent or whatever. Don't go there!

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