Boxer Sheds a Tear!!!.......Why? Wha-for?
A bunch of great posts on Ms. Barbara Boxer's grandstanding protest of certifying the OHIO vote. She is disgraceful, shedding a tear no less. From the Left is the delightful (especially when he bashes Democrats.... he bashes us Republican types often enough) Marc Cooper's entry here. Also weighing in is the inestimable PoliPundit from the right. I love reading all these blogs, but I was especially struck by the following in PoliPundit's comments section.... Read PoliPundit's post, then the comments. This one from Ralph (#17 in the comments section) has a compendium of Democrat attempts to finagle elections.
"2003 CA- Democrats sue to prevent valid recall of democrat governor.

2005 NC- Democrats try to a complete redo of Agriculture race statewide as opposed to single county. (statewide gives them a chance)

2000 MO- Run a dead man for re-election based on a promise of political appointment.

2003 KY- Goes to court to remove Lt. Gov's candidate.

2004 Il- Congressman Lipsinski resigns on last day before he can be replaced. His son gets the party's nod with the congressman casting one of the committee's votes to seat him.He runs more or less unopposed and wins.

2004 nationwide-They launch 1st campaign against any Presidential candidate ballot access as it attacks Ralph Nadar.

1998 NY 7th- Congressman Manton resigns 07-21-1998 five days after filing deadline. Democratic committee chooses Joe Crowley to succeed him and therefore avoids Primary.

2004 LA 7th. State senator Cravins is the sole Black democrat running for this open seat. He is running against two republicans and a white democrat. On election day the Lousianna Democratic party helps to pay for a unity flyer that is distributed throughout the black precincts of the district. On the top of the ballot are pictures of John Kerry, Martin Luther King, and the white democrat running against Cravins. Cravins missing out making the runoff by 1500 votes with the White democrat getting into the runoff.

Of course we can add Nixon's loss to dead people voting in Chicago in '6o (although I didn't like him-it was his win... he was a good soul for not contesting it like Gore did 40 years later.) We can add Frank Lautenburg jumping into the race with the ethically challenged Robert Torricelli's backing out of the race and the Democrats putting Lautenberg in, in violation of New Jersy's Rules which the Democratic NJSC unabashedly upheld And yes, one can probably find a list of Republican shennigans also, but the Dems, Oh Them Dems!!!!!

I don't know if the Democrats are determined to "win at any cost" or they are just foolish enough to think the rest of us don't take their shenannigans into account at election time. Steadily declining governorships, congressmen, statehouses and senate seats ought to tell them something. Perhaps Thomas Nast's depiction of the Democrats as a party of Jack-Asses was spot on.

CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY) didn't buy this scene of Boxer's at all. As the NY Post had it:


The overriding theme for Democrats seems to be "Hey Everybody!!! Look at us!!! We want to be YOUR political party." Well, Democrats, we are looking; and you aren't coming close!

If the Great Mason Williams will forgive me, allow me to post the following:

How about Them Democrats,
Ain't they a bunch?
Lookin' for a vote
they face in a scrunch.

Votin' up here and votin up there
doin'nothin but bragging bout all-a they hair.
Lookin for Republicans they think they can beat
but voters think repubs are really, really neat!

How to be a Democrat?
Ain't nothin to it!
Just find an election to
screw-up and
do it, do it, do it!!!

Ok, so it's lousy poetry and there isn't much to say for it. Well, right now the Democrats have even less to say and aren't saying it near as well as my poetry did. And that ain't much folks, that ain't much.

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