Of Tsunami's and Disaster
As of this morning, there are some 67,000 dead in the Asian Tidalwave following a 9.0 undersea quake. This number is mind boggling. There are credible reports that the eventual number of dead may reach 100,000 souls and an additional tens of thousands may die as a result of disease following the disaster.

Rather than put everything aside and pitch in, some folk are leaping to blame Bush for not responding fast enough, blame the UN for inadequate preparation, blame.... Well, a pox on all their houses (irony of statement noted). This is a natural disaster unprecedented in my adult life, how do you plan for something like this? The only rational answer is of course, that you can't.

You can help however. Link to one of these sites and do what you can in the name of our common humanity. World Vision International, CARE, Amazon Relief Webpage, International Red Cross in a variety of South East Asian countries, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami website

Many of your favorite blogs have other sites where you can help. Go!

Lastly, and I know that this is a gratuitous slap at James Wolcott, but the man has got to be regretting this:
I root for hurricanes. When, courtesy of the Weather Channel, I see one forming in the ocean off the coast of Africa, I find myself longing for it to become big and strong--Mother Nature's fist of fury, Gaia's stern rebuke. Considering the havoc mankind has wreaked upon nature with deforesting, stripmining, and the destruction of animal habitat, it only seems fair that nature get some of itsown back and teach us that there are forces greater than our own.

Still rooting for "Mother Nature" Jimbo?

UPDATE (9:35 AM CST): The death toll now is over 76,000. My God, this tragedy cannot be described with words alone.

UPDATE (4:15 PM CST): 100,000+! With the remote areas not even searched yet.

UPDATE (12:40 PM CST - Dec. 30,2004) The number of dead is now over 117,000. Here is a link to the Network for Good site with multiple links to help. Please help where you can with what you can.

UPDATE (2:09 PM CST): Celeste Fremon (a good writer for LA Weekly and a very, very special person) has a link that also has a long history of helping here!

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