The Representatives Ain't Representin'
From Inside the Beltway comes this tidbit of damn fine Democratic Insight:
Ohio Rep. Sherrod Brown is one Democrat who doesn't buy all the "values" rhetoric heard from the opposite side of the aisle. "On the floor of the House of representatives, in the light of day, we hear much talk from our Republican friends about moral values," Mr. Brown says. "But in the committee rooms and in the cloakrooms and in the back of the chamber, choices are so often made and deals are cut that run counter to the teachings of Christ and Muhammad and the Jewish prophets and fly in the face of the values upon which our nation was founded."
Congressmen (and women) care more about scratching each others back than about legislating for all of the country. This is a shame, because sometimes, if not most of the time, the country's needs should take precedence over the needs of a particular congressional district.

Then (from the same post) there is this little bit of Republican tom-foolery, at least one presumes it to be authored by a Republican: Someone snuck a single line into a 1600 page appropriation bill authorization to give the chairmen of the House and Senate Appropriations Committee and their staff assistants the power to look at anyone's tax return. Shades of Tail Gunner Joe. What the hell was that person thinking?

Federal law says that tax returns are private, between the individual/couple/organization and the IRS. If congress wants to look at something, let them look at the way they conduct the business of the people.

I've never been much on bashing congressmen and women collectively, but damn-it, this time they deserve it. I hope a lot of people raise hell with them about the shyster that snuck in this bit of Big Brother, if a congress man or woman, fire them next election. If a staffer, fire them NOW!

UPDATE: A friend suggested that it might have been (oh shudder) a democrat hoping to get the repubs in hot water. Now, wouldn't that be something?

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