A New Psychosis
Dear friends (or perhaps future friends of both the left and the right), An internet acquaintance recently sent me an e-mail with a question on it. Here is his question, and my response. Don't get bent out of shape now if you are a) Liberal, b) Progressive or c) A Democrat. This is in fun!

I don't understand: why are Democrats so crazy this year - first the vandalism and shrill, somewhat paranoid charges against Bush, and now the depression, talk of moving out of the country.

Leftism psychosis? The psychosis of the true believer? Actually, I think they really bought that Kerry was brilliant and nuanced and that Bush was a chimp. When the rest of the country didn't agree (even the state of California had far more RED AREAS than blue, it's just that the population in two or three centers/cites are so damn huge and like other metroplexes are reliably liberal.) they went bonkers. Hmmm, as a mental health professional I'll coin a new disorder perhaps.... Post Election Psychosis. Clinical symptoms include:
1. Dysphoria about the election loss of your leader
2. Total disbelief that everyone didn't see it your way and vote for your guy
3. Sleepless nights focused on how the evil wingnuts will now rule your destiny and force you to keep your brilliant ideas to yourself
4. A rabid fear that someone somewhere will infect you and cause you to vote for a republican at some future election
and lastly
5. An inability to understand the motivations of very real, honest, believing, patriotic people who DO NOT see things your way. (If you are very real, honest, believing, patriotic AND are a democrat, than that is ok) <
P> If you want to come up with your own clinical symptoms of a lefty or a righty, please post and enjoy. Ground Rules: This is strictly an exercise in fun, no vulgarity please!

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