Democrats Need To Stop Whining And Get On Rebuilding Their Party
Marc Coopers latest ( here ) takes a really tough love approach to the Democrats that continue to whine about the election.


" So my message to those still whining about last week's vote is: knock it off already and grow up, wouldya? Bush won a decisive victory with nearly a 4 million vote margin. He won 28 states. The GOP also fattened its majority in both houses of congress. These are facts that must be assimilated and understood and in no way underestimated.

There will be no short-cuts to the arduous, uncertain work of building a political majority as an alternative to Bush. It's time to get started -- by facing difficult realities instead of… excuse me… jerking off."

They need to stop now and start to think policy and presentation. If they don't, we will see this behavior repeated again and again and again.

Although I voted split ticket, I usually consider myself to be more Republican than Independent and more Independent than Democrat. None-The-Less, I have voted for an awful lot of Democrats over the years. But, regardless of where I'm pegged on the political spectrum, I absolutely know that a one party state of affairs would be absolutely disastrous for this country.

So, fellow Americans, fall back, re-group, re-think, quit playing mental masturbation games and taking so much joy in feeling sorry for yourselves and get back to work.

Update 6:43 AM 11/10/04: Dean Esmay has a lengthy reply to those who don't understand why the majority of voting American's voted for Bush here. In particular, his "letter" was in response to John Perry Barlow's lengthy piece here Magnanimous Defeat. Both are well worth reading and I encourage you to read Barlow's piece first then Esmay's piece. Maybe some on the left will get it.

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