The Ballet
Wow, it was great to go to the Ballet again. The choreography was, for the most part great as was the music. The Moscow Ballet performed one or two sets that were performed for this show only as a special for the Aids Council. The first, "She" is described as "A woman's dream of her love relationship" and was set to the guitar. The dancers movement was somewhat jerky as though it had not been rehearsed enough, but it was still quite good and if this was a low point, imagine how the rest was.

This marks the 12th consecutive year that the MB has performed in the USA. The Bride and I had the privilege of catching them in Swan Lake in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1991 while we were on a cruise in the Baltic States. The show in St. Petersburg was much more elaborate in terms of set and scope, but an evening of 12 Russian Classics was nevertheless hard to beat.

The most memorable performance was "The Beginning" with Natalia Kungurtseva as Eve, Anatoli Emelianov as Adam and Alexander Strokin as the Serpent. And the Serpent stole the show. Choreography was by Emelianov and the Music by Beethoven. Strokin was indeed an evil presence on the stage.

If you ever get a chance to see this troupe, please, please don't miss it.

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