Arafat is Dead! Arafat ist Tot! Arafat es muerto! Arafat est mort!
Yasser Arafat, acknowledged terrorist and author of Black September and other tragedies has succumbed. Hallelujah! While I don't generally cheer the death of anyone, I'm glad he is gone. Perhaps now the Palestinian People will find a real leader, someone not dedicated to the total destruction of Israel, not dedicated to robbing the Palestinians, not more concerned with maintaining his own fiefdom rather than the real needs of Palestine.

Some may argue that there is no such thing as Palestine, but this flies in the face of reality. The Palestinian peoples are there and we must figure out a way for them to have their "State" and to bring peace to the ME.

Perhaps, now is the time. Scott Johnson of Powerline has an amendment to Arafat's obit here, and Roger L. Simon adds this. The Washington Post has a lengthy article on Arafat here. The Post doesn't, in my opinion, stress enough the crimes of this man, and tends to skirt the edges of how decidedly brutal he was. But, that's another story. For the nonce, let us quaff a bit of champagne in celebration and then get to work on helping the Palestinians move towards democracy, freedom and a place of their own. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

UPDATE (November 11, 2oo4 - 9:06 AM-CST)Cox and Forkum have an interesting take on Arafat with a number of links to additional insights. Read them all.

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